Welcome to Loyalty Rewards Online, your global incentive and loyaly program rewards solution company.

Loyalty Rewards Online focuses entirely on Instant Rewards by RewardTrax – an Internet-based reward and recognition program. RewardTrax is completely customizable, automated and integrates with well-known CRM software solutions. Our clients are empowered to custom design a cost-effective program that delivers millions of items to program participants – all priced and delivered with the efficiency of the Internet. No middleman. No upfront cost. Virtually no effort on your part. Inspire, motivate, recognize, reward and thank the people who improve your business performance. Set up online or call 1.800.463.5836 and we will do it for you!

RewardTrax is scalable to meet the unique needs of clients of all sizes. We offer the infrastructure, experience, awards and creativity to motivate people to drive results and increase your bottom line.

You can make this your reality simply by:

  1. Review the 3 minute RewardTrax Flash Overview
  2. Fill out the submission form
  3. Call 1-800-463-5836

Expect an answer within 24 hours and a program your boss will love within 4 weeks!

Flash Overview

RewardTrax offers a fast set up timeline (within 2-4 weeks). No barriers. No set up fees. No management fees. You only pay for the points you decide to grant. You even get a RewardTrax system specialist to help with all your program needs.

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We focus on our clients’ return on investment, it is a top priority. We can quantify the mathematical ROI for RewardTrax – along with other intangible benefits that factor into a successful business program.

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